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Signs are custom made, allow anywhere from 1-3 weeks (normal ship time is 7-10 business days)

Pop Trunk Pics Click Here

Custom Pop Trunk Sign

Full Pop Trunk Package

Custom Pop Trunk Signs for any make and model,  just call or email with your car information. You can get all kinds of designs so don't be scared to bring your ideas to make your car one of a kind!!! (Note: Payment must be made before we do any work, please see directions and not all pics will get approved if there are too many details. (Additional charges may apply for over sized trunks)

Click here  for order and install Directions 

Pop Trunk Pics Click Here


We have answer all your questions about offering a full POP TRUNK PACKAGE....Package includes: 2 Pop Trunk Actuators, Pop trunk sign, Frame, momentary switch, LEDS

Price: $399.99

Price: $799.99

 Pop Trunk Kit

 LEDS (light your full sign) 1 single color

LEDS (light your full sign) 2 tone

If you want to light your full sign Choose this, with this option you will be provided with all the leds to light your full sign..... choose from red, white, blue, yellow, green, ect

Note: These are only the LED lights to go behind the sign

If you want to light your full sign with 2 tone colors...meaning you want multiple colors to light your sign, then choose this option.

Note: These are only the LED lights to go behind the sign

 Price: $99.99

Price: $199.99

Sign Trim Piece (This Is only Trim Not the Sign)  pop trunk actuator 6" Pop Trunk Actuator

This is not a sign, its the SIGN TRIM

This is Trim piece base price, the price could go up depending on the material. 

Note: We can't do sign trim for all cars so please call or email to see if your car qualify.

6" Linear Actuator
Price: $99.99 Price: $150.00
trim 6" Linear Actuator
 pop trunk actuator  8" Pop Trunk Actuator  pop trunk actuator  10" Pop Trunk Actuator
8" Linear Actuator

10" Linear Actuator  

Price: $150.00  Price: $150.00
8" Linear Actuator 10" Linear Actuator
 pop trunk actuator  12" Pop Trunk Actuator Custom Plates (you can add your own words or logo the Slab Customs Plate is a sample)

12" Linear Actuator

New Custom Plates can have your logo and have Almost any words that you want on them.  The Plates can come black, blue, green, red, ETC. Once you place the order tell us what you want on it, WORDS ARE LIMITED AND NOT ALL LOGOS CAN BE DONE EMAIL US AT SALES@SLABCUSTOMS.COM with message and color you desire. Prices could go up if your Logo has a lot of details please email before ordering.

 Price: $150.00 Price: $85.00 
12" Linear Actuator





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